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Sara Rowe - eine Schülerin aus der USA

Sara Rowe besucht seit dem Schulhalbjahr die 11. Klasse des Roman-Herzog-Gymnasiums. In der USA war sie jedoch noch nie an einer öffentlichen Schule - darüber erzählt sie uns im folgenden Interview mehr.

1. Do you like Germany, what do you like best?

Yeah it’s been preety cool here, everything is really beautiful and I like the „Vesper“ most - I didn’t know it from USA!

2. We’ve heared you haven’t visited a public school yet. Tell us something about the way you learn!

Back at home I’m homeschooled, so I’ve never really attended a public school. My learnings are pretty similar to the way you learn - only at home and with my parents as my teachers instead. I use books and a lesson plan and I have assignments I have to have completed.

3. Which advantages and disadvantages do you see in Homeschooling?

Disadvantages: I think that being homeschooled can make it harder for you to be able to meet new people, unlike in public schools where you’re always surrounded by people. in homeschooling you have to go out and find people which can be challenging for some students! I also think that for some areas that don't have any homeschooling groups where kids can meet and interact with other homeschoolers and have the opportunity to play sports or be in musicals, like they have in public schools, it can make it more lonely and closed off. In my area i don't have that problem because there are many homeschooling groups around and homeschooler's can also participate in after school activities in the public school.

Advantages: I think that with being homeschooled your schooling is more opened and you can learn more or go into more depth on things that you find more interesting, I also think that we have the advantage of being able to work harder or longer on parts of a subject that you have more of a struggle with and can focus on it to make sure that you fully understand it. I also think that its more personal and that your parents can teach you in ways that make it more interesting and help you want to learn about it.

4. What about writing tests?

Yes, the program we are on gives you tests that you have to go throw. Sometimes they are on computer, you have to answer the questions and they tell you if it was right or wrong or your parents controll it. So I have to write exams and test like everyone else.

5. What are your hobbies in the USA?  

I have a lot of hobbies but the ones that i'm really into would be photography. I like using old film cameras and working in darkrooms to print and develop my own film. I like riding horses and competing in rodeos with them, i've been riding for as long as i can remember so it's a really big part of my life, and i also like to show livestock with friends through an organization called 4-H.

6. Would you prefer going to a public school or doing Homeschooling?

I like public schooling, but i think i would prefer to stay homeschooled, I like the curriculum, the style of how i learn, and the way its more personal, plus i really like being able to sleep in later and sit on a comfy couch vs. a hard chair! :)


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